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Princess Camryn ~ Lured into My Web

Lured into My Web

I lure you into my house and covertly get you to focus on my induction medium. My metronome ticks as you become dizzy. You hear me speaking, but you also hear my voice in your head, speaking over my own voice. Are you hallucinating? Are you under some spell? You become more confused. Soon, you have fallen under my spell, stuck in my web, unable to resist. I have you under my control and you fall asleep to the ticking of the metronome. Listen to my instructions before I release you from your sleep and have you on your way.
Something in a very manipulative way, the induction beginning “covertly” at first view. The mainlines: The arms are gloved but the legs are naked, if they are seen. Coloured dress, colour is very good for show black gloves off. Choose your favorite induction medium (mesmerize -wheel or metronome or other). . with jewels. The classic induction with the fascination by the eyes, and the gloved hands and fingers that move into passes. If it’s possible, I enjoy the sound effect of the voice resounding in echoes during the induction, against the "normal conversation" before. The main idea is a kind of trap. A beautiful woman lures a man (the viewer) into her apartment. Isolated into the intimacy, the woman mesmerize the man against his will, covertly. After a little time of normal conversation, the femdom find a way to attract the attention of the man on the chosen induction medium. Even if the chosen induction medium is more “common”, perhaps the man is he a little surprised and find a little strange the behavior of the woman, and her insistent will to show him something? But in all case, the crafty femdom knows very well how to seduce and manipulate him to focus, win his trust and appease his possible suspicion about something being strange. And soon the man can’t prevent his eyes and attention to begin to focus on the chosen induction medium. With an engaging although mischievous smile, and ensnaring manners, the woman use visual kind of suggestion for fascinate the man (“see how…”, “…mesmerizing to watch…”, “don’t look away…”, and others…), and some others to begins to put him into the sleep covertly (“this [movement or view] is like a lullaby”, …) The man’s fascination is growing, and the femdom continue to enthral him with the induction medium and the spoken suggestions, until he shows the first appearances of sleep. The femdom said, deceptively surprised: “Oh, but what’s happens to you? You seems be sleepy all of sudden…” And the classic suggestions soon crept into the other spoken suggestions : “Your eyes becomes tired”, “You are getting sleepy”, “Go to the sleep”, “Your eyelids becomes heavy, heavy, very heavy” and others. The sound of the voice is still always coaxing, bewitching, the manners are always ensnaring and manipulative, but more the induction is advanced, more the tone becomes authoritative, insistent, and more the suggestions becomes explicit about sleep, mesmerize and submission. The man clearly understands now what something is wrong. He tries to resist, but it’s too late, despite his will and efforts, he’s trapped. The power of the femdom and the induction medium is too powerful, her manipulative manners are too skilful, she has no problems, and dims all will to resist. The man is gradually drifting off more and more, and the asserts: “in few moments, you will be just a plaything between my [black]-gloved hands” (If the femdom has at least a free hand during the induction, she give the suggestion : “soon, I’m going to snap with my fingers. When I snap with my fingers, you will close your eyes, deeply asleep” or something like this.) The femdom pursue her induction through to the end, until the man can’t keep the eyes open. (The femdom snap with her fingers). The man fall asleep, under mesmerizis. The femdom said something like this : “You’re asleep now. You’re going to obey to me. You will do everything what I will say you to do. Understand me ?” Then give suggestions to admire and worship Your beauty and Your power, to be obedient, to be completely submissive to You, etc... Then a post- suggestion of this kind in the idea : "In the future, you will allow me to mesmerize you at each times that you will see me wearing these long black gloves. Yes, at any time you see me wearing these black gloves and snapping with my fingers saying the word « Sleep ! », you will fall again into the sleep for me, into the sleep. But at your awakening you will have to forget everything... You will obey at these instructions without remembering what I have given it to you..." Then, the awakening.

Lured into My Web
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