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Ludella Hahn ~ Lips Like Poison: Ivy Makes You Hers
with Her Intoxicating Kisses - POV Kissing GFE

Poison Ivy`s Brainwash (3 CLIPS)

You've been given a tip on a location where villainess activity is about to go down, and you have a feeling it's going to be Poison Ivy there when you arrive. You go alone, in spite of all her recent dangerous activity because part of you wants her. When you arrive, she almost immediately blow a special intoxicating powder into your face. Your inhibitions are waning. "I know you've wanted this. Part of you always has. And now you have an excuse...you just couldn't help it...you were under my influence, you can tell them. It's the perfect opportunity: a good guy like you...gets to be bad with a bad girl like me, and you can blame the whole thing on me. You'll do what I want...and I'll give you mmmmmm....everything.." She moans, kissing you again and again with her juicy lips, bouncing her big juicy tits in your face. Every kiss takes you deeper in love with her...in LUST for her...till you'll do absolutely ANYTHING to keep it going...to taste her lips again and again...to feel her touch. You are INTOXICATED by her. It's the perfect excuse to be BAD. After all...you were simply under her control...you had no choice...she took you DEEPER and DEEPER and you were too weakened by her magic to fight it. You just coudn't help yourself... She kisses you over and over, moaning with pleasure, licking her juicy wet lips and telling you that you now belong to her. And right now, it's exactly where you want to be. Magic dust or not...you've wanted this, and now you can get it while retaining your GOOD GUY reputation. You were simply under her influence...

Poison Ivy`s Brainwash (3 CLIPS)

Ludella Hahn ~ Brainwashed to Worship Poison Ivy
Cosplay Fetish Parody

Poison Ivy`s Brainwash (3 CLIPS)

You find yourself kneeling before Poison Ivy, not entirely sure how you got there, but she tells you you've been under her control and she blows a kiss your way sprinkled with mind control dust to keep you under her control. She demands you to worship her Goddess curves...her big juicy tits...her big juicy ass... her luscious lips... She'll instruct you on exactly what to do. You've been brainwashed to serve her as a Goddess, but even if you could resist, you wouldn't want to...

Poison Ivy`s Brainwash (3 CLIPS)

Ludella Hahn ~ Ivy's Luscious Legs - Villainess Pantyhose Seduction Entrancement

Poison Ivy`s Brainwash (3 CLIPS)

Ivy walks into frame to give an up close view of her curvaceous legs in her shiny green pantyhose. She moves onto the couch for a full body view and begins to tease POV (an unnamed hero) with her legs. “I know my legs are your kryptonite...so why don’t you just watch...and let me entrance you with them...It will feel soooo good... “ She strokes her pantyhose with her satin gloves, moving and posing for you in so many positions--giving you all the angles of her curves while verbally teasing you into her control. After a while, begins to dangle one of her high heels off her pantyhose foot. “Mmm...is the anticipation eating at you… When’s it going to drop? When’s it going--Mmmm….” She repeats with the other shoe in a different position, building up the anticipation for you…and once it drops, she shows you her nylon feet up close, then continues to move seductively and pose for you. “Just think...if you were to do everything I want...I could reward you with my sexy legs… BUT, if you were to cross me, I could end you with them.” She puts her legs into a scissorhold position and demonstrates squeezing your neck. “So, you’ll want to be on my good side… Just give in to the power of my legs...fall under my spell…” After more sexy movements in her pantyhose in close up and full body positions, Ivy sits back and decides that in the meantime while you decide whether to obey her or fight, she’ll just put you to sleep, and she blows you a sleeping dust kiss.

Poison Ivy`s Brainwash (3 CLIPS)
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