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Bratty Princess Lisa Jordan ~ BWRoom



Custom: I've have been working for you through 4 months developing a special hi-speaker system capable to virtually envelope a person with sound from all sides. I don't know why you need it. It's part of a big project since there's a guy working on special lights effects, other guy on sound effects, background music and other record techniques. And there's an architect building a room for us to install all that. It must be costing you a fortune, although I haven't seen any money yet. You are so persuasive that I used my own money on my part of the project. I bet the other nerd guys did the same. But today everything is ready, now it's time to be rewarded for my work. You say that before you give me what I deserve for being a talented man who have something valuable to you, you want to show me the special room I help to build for you. I'm a little suspicious so I don't want to go inside. I would rather have my money now. But then you stand and let fall your overcoat (or open a dress) and I see you sexy body in the most breathtaking outfit. As you walk towards the special room I can't resist following you. Once I'm inside the room you tell me to sit and then you leave, but in less than 10 seconds your image appears like magic before my eyes. You explain that it is one of the special features of your BWRoom: An Holographic projection of you. It's like you're here with me, but not. I can even feel your sweet smell. Another feature provided for one of the nerds that works for you. And now, I'm going to show you how good is your hi-speaker system." I hear the soothing music, there's some lighting effects, and my sound system makes me surrounded by Lisa's voice from head to toe. I hear what the Holographic Lisa is saying but I'm also feeling many Lisas whispering and giggling all around me with teasing words and commands. I'm getting completely overwhelmed by your sensuality and mind control powers. You make me get naked, fall on my knees and stroke before your amazing Goddess body. Youre so in control when you explain this Brainwashing Room will help you to enslave rich, powerful men, and how we, weak drooling nerds, helped you to build it. Your voice and looks and all the effects are brainwashing me as I happily jerk off before you. I'll work for you without asking questions and using my own money to buy anything you need. And as a reward I would beg on my knees for you to brainwash me even deeper. Please, Princess Lisa, I beg you. Make me your silly little boy. I'll cum at your command and I'll doze off for little while. When I wake up I'm gonna clean my mess and let the room ready. You have some others nerd genius to brainwash today.
But I want you to know that you're my favorite... cause you are soo easy!
Sleep for me, now, like a goodboy!


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