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AMY ~ Whispering Sensitive Hand
Movements & Face Touch - ASMR JOI

Whispering Sensitive Hand Movements


ASMR Bladerunner JOI Role play - I just want to be real for you!
I know, I´m just a hologram, but I want to be more for you.
You will never be lonely again. I´m there for you.
You will have a wonderful feeling while watching and hearing.
Just trust me relax and let me help you forget the world.
Put your earphones on and feel the Tingles, ASMR Intense
Mouth Sounds, Soft Breathing, Binaural Music and Much Love...
So, you caught in a hypnotic aural trance. That´s absolutely awesome!
I use various Trigger to make you feel the best ASMR experience.
This is a conjuring, a swirl of pleasure masked as relaxation:
the soft whispering, wet crackle of a tongue against the ear,
hand movements, likened to a Brain Massage or a Braingasm.
Smile for Me and Enjoy My Video!

Whispering Sensitive Hand Movements

Whispering Sensitive Hand Movements
Whispering Sensitive Hand Movements
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