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Goddess Leena Fox ~ Brainfucked - Total Mind Control For Brainless Pump Machines



This is a mind numbing mesmerize/mindfuck clip from the gorgeous Goddess Leena. She is going to fuck with your empty brain, you stupid little gooner. This clip is an intense mindwashing clip with heavy repetition, deeply embedded subliminal messaging, and addiction triggers. You've experienced brainwashing before, but not like this. This isn't just brainwashing, this is mind rape, total mind control. You pump addicts are so fucked! Goddess Leena's body along with her intense mindwashing will have you lost in her goon loop. This is not just a clip,
it is an audio/visual brainwashing masterpiece!

Your mind is blank. Just stare at the screen. You're experiencing a complete loss of control. This is a total violation of your psyche. Mind rape. You are a pump addict, a mindless jerk slave. Just stare at the screen and pump your cock. You have no free will. You are a puppet. Keep jerking, keep pumping while I rape your brain. You are a mindless jerk junkie. You are completely addicted to Goddess Leena. Keep jerking while I brain fuck you. This is total mind control. You cannot think. You are a pump slave. My pump slave. There is no escape from this. You're being brainfucked. You're being mindraped. Pump away your brain. Ruin your mind. You are my h?pnotized drone. You are my stroke drone, caught in my gooner trance. There is no escape. You have no free will. I am brainwashing you. Just stare at my body and feel your brain turn to mush. You've fallen into my addiction trap. You are a mindless pump zombie. I am going to cause permanent brain damage. Your mind is broken. This is mind rape. You have no control. I am going to fuck your brain until you're nothing but a mindless gooner. Jerk your brain away idiot. Lose all control to me. Goon to my perfect body and feel your brain melt. You are my chronic masturbating pump machine. You are my brainwashed gooner. There is no escape from this.
Keep pumping your brain, idiot. Go braindead for me, you stupid mindless goonbot.
This is mind rape.


**Headphones are highly recommended to experience all of the audio mindfuckery**

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