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Mistress Lola Ruin ~ Your Alpha Couple
Is Your Religion Now

Your Alpha Couple Is Your Religion Now


I am going to help you accept your rightful place as a beta beneath me. You already know that small dick boys like yourself could only be a beta, serving a Goddess like me along with a God, my man, we are an Alpha couple and your are our beta cuck bitch who we use for our amusement.

Now I am your owner, you will accept permanent chastity & work tirelessly to hand over each and every pay check, you will even sign a contract putting you in ever-increasing debt to both of us.

You will renounce your Christianity religion to worship us as your Goddess And God. No more praying or visiting church, we are the only deities you will kneel before, from now on.

My man is your God and He should be worshiped as such. He is the only man that can dominate me, in bed. Whenever we have sex, he is the one in charge. He pleases me for hours on end, something you could or would ever do.

You no longer need to worry about what will happen to you in the afterlife; by submitting to me a permanent bond will form between our souls- a spiritual slavery contract giving me complete ownership of your consciousness forever.

It is wonderful to trap and brainwash yet another bet. You see myself and my Alpha like to consume enslaved souls, absorbing them. Once you are a part of us you can never escape.

I can’t wait to take your very soul and feed it to my man so you'll be enslaved
to Him for eternity.

Your Alpha Couple Is Your Religion Now

Your Alpha Couple Is Your Religion Now
Your Alpha Couple Is Your Religion Now
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