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Princess Miki ~ A Female-Led Planet

A Female-Led Planet


“Greetings, earthling.”

That’s what your kind thinks we say, right? At least, that’s how you depict us
in film and entertainment. Yes, I am an extraterrestrial, a being from many,
many galaxies away.

You look confused, perhaps you are in disbelief. I look more human than you expected — not much like the ugly, little green men you imagined — and I speak your native language, fluently. Make no mistake; we are nothing like you. Our planets are similar; our species are alike in many ways; but we are far superior to you.

We are more intelligent, more efficient, more powerful, and more beautiful.

We have been studying you for many years. We were looking for a planet similar to ours to observe and learn from, but we were disturbed by what we found. Earth is a broken planet, and you humans are about to destroy your own home. Unnecessary wars and failing governments plague you, and we quickly realized how and why…

The balance of power between the sexes of the planet are disgustingly skewed. Men — the inferior sex — hold far too much power, when you all deserve none at all.
On our planet, we enslaved the males, and only females hold positions of power. Our world is run by women, and that is why we do not experience the same problems as you do.

We have come to save your failing planet by introducing the system that saved ours. But first, I will have to take a sperm sample. Go ahead, your cock is already throbbing, since you are in the presence of a beautiful female.
You are so weak and easily manipulated, aren’t you?

The sperm sample is for the sake of testing our theory that the genetic makeup
of the human male is inferior to that of the males of our species.

This is important, because while you are all underground, you will be kept in chastity. You see, I am equipped with the power to “lock you up” without a device. Allow Me to demonstrate. With just My hands, I can create a for ce field around
your throbbing cock. Pretty amazing, right?

This is the state we will keep you in underground. You will constantly be throbbing, desperate, as you slave away like a worker bee. To make things more difficult, you will be surrounded and taunted by the women of My planet, who all are beautiful and powerful like Me. Chastity will make you even more pliable, and it will turn
you into a dilligent worker.

The reward for satisfactory work is to be “unlocked,” and that will serve as plenty motivation to work as hard as you can. Who knows how often you will gain these privileges? It doesn’t matter; your hope and desperation will push you to work
as hard as you can.

Now, you may start stroking again.

While you are underground, the women of your planet will be having incredible sex with our males who were specifically bred to provide sexual pleasure. They will also be breeding with the women of your planet, once we determine that your sperm sample is unsuitable for breeding.

I selected you as our test subject because I’ve been watching you. You are especially pathetic and easily manipulated through sex and arousal, and I’m using this against you. You can’t stop stroking, can you?

Come on, build up your pathetic human load for Me.

A Female-Led Planet

A Female-Led Planet
A Female-Led Planet
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