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Alix Lynx ~ Mind Melting Goon Loop
For Brainless Tit Zombies

Mind Melting Goon Loop


You already know why you're here. You are completely mesmerized by me and my big porn star tits. I don't want you thinking, there's no need for that, just goon, goon to my huge, soft tits. Get lost in my tits, get lost in your gooning. Let your mind go blank as you helplessly stare at my tits and goon your brains out. Let the sight of my perfect titties take over your mind. You have no control when you're gooning to my perfect porn star tits. You can't look away, you can't take your hand off of your cock.

Look at how perfect they are, feel yourself begin to drool over them. You can't stop jerking, can you? No, you're trapped, trapped in my boobs, trapped in my goon loop. My tits make you lose all control. You can't resist gooning to my porn star titties. You can't look away. You are completely mesmerized by them. You are an addict
and I love mercilessly teasing addicts and deepening their addiction to me and
my big tits. I love knowing how helpless you are.

I'm going to guide you into a state of gooning bliss. Slowly my tits are going to break you down and melt your brain until you've lost control, until you can't stop mindlessly gooning to my tits. You're in love with my big bouncy porn star tits, aren't you? As you watch them move around you find that they put you into a trance. You are completely mesmerized. You can't stop gooning, even if you wanted to,
you couldn't take your hand off of your cock. Because you are an addict,
a stupid, mindless, tit obsessed addict.

You are under my spell. You are my mindless gooner. You are my tit addicted little junkie. Keep that hand on your cock and don't stop gooning. You need more of my tits. The more I show them to you the more your addiction grows. My tits put you
in a trance. My tits are ruining your mind. You can't stop this addiction.
My titties turn you into a stupid mindless gooner. They make you so weak.
They make you lose your mind.

Don't take your eyes off of my tits or your hand off of your cock. Just goon and let your addiction grow. Fall deeper under my spell. Fall deeper into my trance. You're gooning so hard right now and you just can't stop, can you? You can't get enough of my perfect tits. They make you so stupid. You're my stupid little tit gooner, aren't you? Yes you are. Good boy. Keep going, keep gooning. Feel your brain turn to mush. That's it, just let go and slip even deeper into my goon trance. My tits will never leave your mind. You're trapped, trapped in my goon loop.

Mind Melting Goon Loop

Mind Melting Goon Loop
Mind Melting Goon Loop
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