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Divine Goddess Jessica ~ The Ultimate
Enslavement Video

The Ultimate Enslavement


I’ve poured countless hours into creating the perfect enslavement session. My 20-page script amounted to this 1hr and 12mins of blissful and expert mind-fucking. This is truly a JOURNEY into genuine submission and addiction. It's more than you deserve. This is truly a steal. The gentle background music will sink you into a theta brainwave state, much like daydreaming. First, I’ll get you nice and relaxed with a long and silky smooth induction. Then I spend my time training you to trust me. Once I’ve got your mind split open, I dive deep down into your subconscious mind
to transform you into a nodding puppet. Towards the end, you’ll be throbbing and dripping all over yourself, drooling and begging to cum. Begging to be mine. At the end, post-orgasm affirmations will cement all of your training and wind you back down… or maybe back up? You won’t know your name. You won’t know what day it is. Everything around you will melt away. Just you and me. My soothing voice will take you down, further than you’ve ever sunk before. Your ears, eyes, and brain will be filled with my voice and my image. My training. Once you enter my void, you can never undo what I carefully plant in your subconscious mind. So be certain you want to serve me and only me indefinitely. You're about to find out that the Cult of DGJ is REAL. Your days of slutting around are over…

The Ultimate Enslavement

**Immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere I've created for you-
WEAR HEADPHONES or miss out on certain special audio effects**

The Ultimate Enslavement
The Ultimate Enslavement
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