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Queen Tiger Lily ~ CALL ME M0MMIE



The freak that ordered this clip has SERIOUS m ummy issues. What a freak! LOL! Seems this hot brat came in, tore up his f amily and he did NOTHING. Nothing but think all sorts of naughty forbidden thoughts about the woman that betrayed and replaced his m- m- m- m ummy. I wonder, what would YOU do if I seduced your d addy and became your new m-ommy, loser? Ha! I'd have you wrapped around my little finger and promising to be m ommy's pathetic virgin loser for life in no time... ORIGINAL REQUEST: My D ad is a rich and powerful CEO, you were his secretary but now you're my new Stepm um. Since you've moved in we haven't been getting along, you know how much I hate you for breaking up my p arent's marriage but you want us all to be a happy f amily. You have, however, noticed how I'm constantly checking you out around the house and you tell me I'm just like my D ad in that way and you show me how you seduced him at work. How you would constantly tease him with your perfect body, like leaning in extra close to give him his coffee or "accidentally" dropping a file and bending over to pick it up in front of him. Eventually he had to give in and cheat on my M um with you and you tell me these are even the clothes you wore when you first fucked him. You tell me about all the times you would fuck at work while my M um was at home unaware, eventually she caught you both "working late" and my D ad divorced her, leaving her penniless. You can see by the small tent in my pants how turned on I am. You order me to jerk my tiny cock as you show me the lingerie you're wearing for him tonight and taunt me with your beautiful face and perfect body. You say how much smaller I am and how a virgin loser like me will never be a real man like him who can spoil you with his big cock and fat wallet. You tell me that you're going to start leaving your bedroom door open at night so I can hear every moan. You count me down and tell me to "be a good boy and cum for M ummy" and then you make me lick it all up!


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